Papa Takata-DA:

Papa Takata: Das ist Kunst, gefördert vom Land Hessen  

-Corona Edition-  The 9th album including bonus items: f*artwork cd-cover, inlay & 12p-leporello booklet

Stimulated by the Corona-Covid-19 pandemic, people are going into self-isolation. At first, jokes are made and sarcastic videos are posted about how to deal with the new situation. The rising death rate is followed by masking (nose gates), curfews and contact restrictions. It will quiet in the cities. Those who can escape the city, go into nature, look for the vastness of the landscape, experiment with new forms of social coexistence or stick their heads in the field. The others stay, wait for the delivery service and delight in the theater of politics and corruption in the growing pandemic.

Papa Takata's ninth album, "This is art, funded by the State of Hesse", was funded by the Hessian Cultural Foundation and is part of the soundtrack of the pandemic thriller "iWEGE". The 19 levels of acceptance: from joking and denial of the danger at the beginning of the epidemic to the shock of reality after the 2nd wave of infection to tolerance, agony and perseverance until the epidemic subsides. The album is the musical inoculation of the audience through Papa Takata. Before that, however, Papa Takata was vaccinated by the audience with topics and song titles: as part of the Tuesday evening radio show Vanilleclub on Radio X Frankfurt and through surveys. The vaccination stimulated Papa Takata's immune system to improvise on Zoom. The sequences were later assembled, mixed and added to the composition. Efficiency: smooth 99%.